Wednesday, June 13, 2012

keeping organized

I often forget the due dates on bills, and with Ireland coming up I knew I couldn't afford to forget to send one before we left. This will help me all-year-round though... so it's not just for Ireland.

Purchase an achievement certificate frame
from your local
dollar store - it's
the exact size of
a piece of paper
- no trimming!

Then in a Word document make up your list... put it in the frame and use a dry erase marker to check off the bills you've paid.

Of course, this could be used for a multitude of things... limitless possibilities for organizational bliss... haha! Re-use it over and over again...

Monday, June 11, 2012

etsy shop love

I'm in love with this shop - she does wonderful work. I recently received an item from her and the photos do her items no justice - I don't think they can. You just have to take my word on the incredible workmanship on these pieces! I did TRY however to get some photos of my bag for you.
Our Mommie on etsy mostly has these organized and wonderfully made wallets - but she also has these really cool kitchen accessories, coasters, & more --> Check it out!

Here's my custom ordered bag - it's for Ireland. Nice and compact for just the essentials while walking around on the "emerald isle", but also with a removable strap to make it into a clutch for dressier occasions after Ireland. She envisioned what I wanted even though I know I was horrible at explaining myself - she's just an amazing sewer and great with colors!

I tried to show the details of the seams and such - she really did such a wonderful job!

Here's a few of my favorite items from her store:

another great wallet from Our Mommie

my mother-in-law got a similar wallet like this one from this shop - she loves it!

kitchen towels that stay put :)

Handmade gift tags

Friday, June 8, 2012

photo fridays

We recently got a new camera - for our trip to Ireland which is in just under two weeks!
But I'm so happy to say that I'm able to take nice high quality artistic shots again... Take a look!

Isn't it pretty!?! I love this little flower in my back yard - it's shady yet this little beauty blooms year after year... ^__^

Thursday, June 7, 2012

keeping organized tip

So here's something I came up with, but I'm absolutely sure I'm not the first to even do it exactly this way... I just thought I'd share it anyway because I find it extremely helpful.

 I adore this:
It's my grandmother's milk glass vase. I finally worked up the courage to ask her for it and she said I could. 
I remember this vase being used - so while I do just like the look of it I also remember it, which makes it special. 

Here's the organization part - I wanted to always remember who's it was and even though I think I will even in old age, if I pass it down I want them to remember too. So I used these handy rubber-bands with tags attached to them (available at staples) and wrote who she was to me (my Nanny), then her real name, her birth year and of course she hasn't passed yet but I'll eventually put the year she passes on it as well. I take it off when in use and put it back on when storing the vase.

It'll be a little family history saved right with a family item... and I think that's pretty cool. These bands are also super useful for a ton of things - I'm currently loving them for organizing electric cords and crafting items.